Thursday, 5 June 2014


Turns out Wednesday was a pretty blog heavy day! A post for a each meal...this blogging malarkey just got serious, I might have to quit my job. Oh, wait....

Anyway yesterday the most important meal of the day was spent with the lovely Sarah-Jane from Four Publicity. She took me to the 6th floor restaurant at Shoreditch House. I've only ever been for drinks and dinner so had high hopes. 

And high they stayed!

Now seems like SJ is a bit of a SH expert as she basically knew the details and standard of every single thing on the menu (drinks included). Take note SH, you've got yourself a top notch PR there.

I opted for the eggs benedict. I liked that it came as two eggs as standard. No making you feel guilty with small and large portion sizes. Plus it was delicious, I was full up for the rest of the day! Well, until elevensies anyway.

Sarah-Jane had the avacado and poached eggs on toast which looked beaut. Can never fail in my eyes although I do feel you have to eat it quick as the avacado often makes the egg go cold. I'm a gannet though so that's never been a problem. 

Thanks for a delicious dine SJ, let's not leave it so long next time! Xx

P.S I do not use the word 'shoreditching' often. It's just something I heard someone say once...

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