Thursday, 12 June 2014


Say hello to Sams mum Violet everyone! Otherwise known as VCS to her fans.

VCS is a property tycoon and was in town on business so she took us out for a lovely dinner at The Truscott Arms.

Sam and myself had the burgers (mine with cheese, obvs) which were delicious. The chips were so chunky I felt I had to leave a couple. Just to be polite mind. VCS opted for the duck salad, which reminded me of mine and Sam's first date when I spilt hoison sauce down my top.

Because we walked there and back we worked out that afters was totally justified, so we shared a hot chocolate pud with vanilla ice cream. At £7 it was the most expensive pub desert I've ever encountered. Mind you my wine wasn't exactly cheap as chips either, sorry about that Vi. Well as Sam always says "you pay for what you get." Yes, that famous saying...

Thanks for a lovely dinner Vi! I sent her packing with some cookies for the journey, she seemed to like them but I'll be checking local flower beds in the morning just in case. 

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