Saturday, 6 April 2013

Aintree Ladies Day With Matalan

Tan, spanx, ladylike dress, heels, proper make up and a fascinator - us LOOK girls were showing those scousers how it's done yesterday. I even made my eyebrows extra defined for the occasion, hello scouse brow.

This was my inspiration.

The day began drinking champers in first class on the train up to Liverpool. At 8.30am.
Good start.

We watched a great Matalan fashion show, placed some bets, watched some races, lost some money, oh and drank a lot of champagne and wine.

On the menu was smoked salmon with a mini Bloody Mary - we were unsure what drinking etiquette was most appropriate given the mini size, and settled on just knocking it back. Then we had stuffed chicken breast with veg and lastly the most amazing raspberry topped lemon panacotta with chocolate ice cream. And just in case we were still hungry, we had afternoon tea too. Although instead of tea we just drank wine out of the tea cups, we weren't fooling anybody.

On the train home we drank yet more wine out of mugs, so by the time we arrived into Euston at 8.20pm, and after a 12 hour drinking stint, I was unsurprisingly worse for wear. I was subsequently put to bed by Sam, who was eagerly awaiting my arrival after having to rescue me from the streets of Marylebone. A bad end to an amazing day. Thanks Matalan! Sorry Sam.


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