Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Delaunay with Impulse

Gem and Faye our friends at Impulse PR took Rachel Story and myself out for brekkie at The Delaunay about three weeks ago. Um, better late than never?!!

Rach kept it classic with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, Gem went for poached eggs and crispy bacon, Faye opted for an omelette (forgot to ask what was in it, bad journo) and I had the blueberry pancakes. Now I can't speak for everyone else (except Rach - I've had the salmon and eggs here before), but my breakfast was absolutely delicious, despite the fact I put so much maple syrup on my pancakes I felt positively sick. Bus ride home was touch and go I won't lie. Worth it though - I was so full up I had to cancel lunch with Sinead and Lissa, sorry girls - blame our fave jewellery PR's.

Eichler x

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