Thursday, 29 November 2012

Submission Of The Week: Sam's Epic Enchiladas

Since team LOOK Fash have been positively neglectful of the blog in recent weeks due to pregnancy/wedding diets/secondments/general lameness, I, editor in chief Eichler have been forced to recruit some new foodies to keep the blog afloat. I say forced, Sam here has promised to take me out for a Nando's and buy me some Mulberry boots, the least I could do is give him some coverage for his enchiladas recipe. #Masterchef2013. Fry asparagus, baby corn, chicken, peppers and chillies (Sam went for 5, absolute lad) in a little oil, then add in two tins of chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper and a little sugar. Add in a cup of rice and simmer until the rice is cooked. Wrap up the mix with some baby spinach in soft flour tortillas topped with (lots of) cheese, more sweet peppers and a chilli and bake until golden brown. Sam's Serving suggestion? "Serve with a nice big dollop of creme fraiche, some tortilla chips obvs and a beer." Get your Movember clad chops around these bad boys. Eichler (And Sam) x

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