Friday, 6 July 2012

Hubby Hunting at Balham Bowls Club

In a quest to find the ultimate sugar daddy, the Gibbs house gals hit Balham Bowls Club for tea last night. We realised fairly early on that everyone in the joint was of our own age (since when did bowls get cool?), and the only old thing in sight was the vintage decor - think miles of bunting, chipped bone china, mis-matched chairs and wartime posters. Shabby chic = cool. First impressions were great - they serve Bombay Sapphire as standard in our G&T's. Gordon who? Now we were a a bit concerned when we saw a distinct lack of chips on the menu, and yes we did ask just incase there had been a horrible carb based mistake - but it turns out Balham is sans chips (must be all those yummy mummies hanging around watching their weight). I had the rib eye steak with creamed spinach and pan fried potatoes. Luce had the beef and ale pie. Jess had guinea fowl wrapped in pancetta with cauliflower mash. posh bitch. Flavoursome, succulent, well seasoned, tender - we struggled to find the words to quite do justice the amazement of this meal. Not so speechless we couldn't manage to order more wine AND a pudding (sticky toffee) AND a cheeseboard though, obvs. There was a unanimous decision that this was the best meal we'd had in a VERY LONG TIME (take note, Wallace). On the downside, Balham Bowls Club ignored our tweet for free prosecco next time we go in. They might change their minds when they read this glowing review. Eichler

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