Monday, 9 July 2012

A Retro Sunday

Now I'm sure I posted a similar meal to this before and Sam-not-so-Manley said it looked like a prop from shameless but whatevs it tastes gooooood.

So junior nellist came round and I offered to cook him a Sunday dine, after trawling through some tres chic menu options (I'm lying)
We settled on honey and mustard roasted ham, homemade chips and the classic heinz baked beans.

It was heaven on a plate, I would have washed it down with a pint of milk, however due to the new intolerance I didn't think a pint of almond or goats would have quite the same effect.

Junior Nellist swooned his way through the meal- although he Rex he's Waaaaay to cool for the blog these days... Just learn from the best.. Me, Kate and a few other nameless celebs (alexa chung) have found a cool new
pose that is modern, chic and totally original

After said meal we settled down to a Sunday movie of batteries not included, the perfect retro Sunday ... And instagrammed to create a one off vintage feel... What's not to love?!

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