Thursday, 2 August 2012

Miss S and the Crazy Bear

Firstly I must apologise Kate and myself were so over excited to see the Miss Selfridge ladies and greedy that we didn't take pics till deserts #epicblogfail on the upside we did capture the most delish part of the meal.
The Crazy Bear is Thai food as a general rule with some Chinese elements mixed in. It's that fave naughties culinary invention Asian fusion. So there were Thai curries, dim sum and the smallest piece of black cod I have ever seen (Kate rexi bride alert) but then came the pud. Myself and Hannah L went for the salted caramel pistachio and chocolate sorbet!
F me it was off the scale, a taste sensation, best dessert I have ever had!(ignore the pic it does not do it justice) It was the equivalent of getting to lick out an amazing raw brownie batter bowl, but better. Nigella would be creaming herself. I made quick work of it and even the rexi bride had a nibble. Literally can not big it up enough, oh yeah, and other people had fruit salad and banana sorbet. Don't get me started.
Thanks Miss S will be dreaming of that dessert for some time. The saffer.

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