Thursday, 2 August 2012

Francais part deux

Apologies for the late french posts... I've been busy drinking. On shoot day deux, Iain went BBQ- tactic with grilled sardines with a tomato paste thing, sounds not posh but it was (nothing like the fish paste i used to have on toast as a child #treschic #stilllikeit) and a pea espanol omelette - gyod this guy is worldly.

a celeriac and apple dish - was soooooo tasty

tomoatoey paste for sardine dipping, or if you're jon, just dipping.

Jon sitting down to his favourite snack, pork on pork with a side of pork

bread gags and thumbs up - i wish we could eat like this everyday, then again id probs start resembling heather from eastenders, whose apparently gone on to explore her singing career.... who knew?!


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