Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Mornflake Munchies

Being a huge fan of museli (cereal is in my top 3 foods) I was more than happy to take cereal experts Mornflake (the clue's in the title) up on their offer of a complimentary collection of their best granolas and mueslis. So imaj my joy at finding this lot sat on my desk

Not only would this keep my in breakfasts for the next few months but who knew granola could be such a good fashion desk snack?!

Me and Eichler (a cereal lover also... We have many a museli based discussion) were loving it.

From toasted oatbran (a certain hippy colleague would jiz over this shiz) to nut and seed granola, the fash desk were in oat heaven.
With bran in every variety (bran eliminates the calories in any food stuffs FYI) we are able to enjoy guilt free snacking any time of the day.
With these babies,who needs Walkers crisps?? Watch out Lineker, you'll be out of a job soon enough

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