Friday, 24 August 2012

Delicious Dune Dine

The lovely Laura at Dune introduced me to my new favourite breakfast joint today - HUNter486 at the arch.

It wasn't just the amazing coffee, the beyond yummy food and the brilliant natter we had, (I was late for my appointments it was that good) that made it so enjoyable. No no, what made this brekkie destination so unique was the fact I was offered CHEESE with my breakfast. As a die hard cheese fan, this was music to my ears, until of course it twigged that the waitress had merely misheard my request for "juice" for "a selection of cheese." Nevertheless she seemed more than happy to accommodate the mistaken request, but alas I had my skinny hat on and decided that a stack of blueberry pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup would suffice. This isn't out of the ordinary, folks - at Snap studio slices of cheddar come as breakfast standard. I really must shoot there more often.

Same time next week Laura??

Eichler x

P.S here is a handy map of how to find HUNter486. Go immediately.

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