Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Pig

Bank hol weekend took Non-Blog out of sexy South East London to the New Forest. Wooloo had a gig, so I packed up the trusty pop-up tent and headed to the country to perform my girlfriend roadie duties. Duties which consisted mainly of looking after the food vouchers. Yep, you heard it right - FREE food vouchers. Its First Class all the way for me. The festival was aptly named Festibelly so we decided to make 'belly' the theme of the weekend and gorge ourselves stupid. Forgot to take a pic of the watery chicken rice we obtained with our FREE vouchers and thank the lord I also forgot to snap the mountains of food we scoffed later after a few chill sticks and busting some moves to 90's jungle (one forgot how enjoyable jungle music is). A Burger, mini donuts, waffle with banana and the piece de resistance...a pork bap with crackling- yes Snake edible crackling! no chewing on a pigs ear for crackling thrills #grossestthingihaveeverseen.

Anyway, onto the pictures that I did remember to take. Next day to continue the theme we checked into foodie hotel heaven - The Pig. Watch out Babs house- the food is waaay better and its not full of fashion twats. We arrived with our pop up and sainso's carrier bags (tres chic) and were given a tour of the walled garden where they grow the restaurant veg. Then after a country walk and one too many pints of ale we were treated to this extravaganza...
More crackling. start of the pork overload mmmmmm
Melt in your mouth mini scotch eggs
Beetroot soup (beet for you yanks reading) Tastes as good as it looks and the pink complimented Wooloo's shirt just nicely.
Scallops with crispy bacon and carrot purée. An insane taste sensation. soz about the upside down pic
Wooloo's chop. Look at the size of it!
That's what all the girls say. Cheeky.
Bramble jelly and frozen yog.
Nothing 80's about this trifle. Posh ginger sponge and rhubarb.
We then retired to the lounge where Jeeves lit us a fire and we promptly fell into a food coma. Quite simply one of the best meals of my life. Over and out. Oink!

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