Sunday, 19 August 2012

Turkish Delights

Me and CK had a lovely holibobs in Turkey. We spent most of our time doing our three favourite things: laying horizontal sunbathing, eating and drinking copious amounts of gin with the locals, who, it transpires, were the wrong side of 20. Well, the 90s are back in fashion....

Anyway, we had a lovely meal out by the sea one evening - tres romantic.

After perusing the 'craps' section of the menu, we settled on a shrimp salad to start, which by all accounts should be renamed cucumber salad, it was laced with the stuff. Then CK had a fish stew dans terracotta pot (not to be used as an ashtray, appaz), and I had a delicious sea bass. I loved that every meal came with garlic bread 'for the table.' For my growing stomach more like. 2 bottles of wine and a few beers later and it seems like a very good idea to bomb (never gets old) in the pool. Pretty depressing state of affairs when you're bikini gives you a muffin top, I can tell you.

We even learned a spot of the turkish language whilst away, by picking up essential words like hand, bracelet, thankyou and gin and tonic. Could never accuse us of not embracing foreign cultures.

Ooh ahh Antalya!

Eichler x

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