Monday, 27 August 2012

Saturday Kitchen

There was a SERIOUS amount of cooking action at Gibbs house this weekend.

First, we made peanut butter biscuits, care of the Mary Berry book my beloved Godmother Jacqui bought me when I was 12. Think we had the oven up a bit too high though, the bloody things were like bullets. Then Luce made a goats cheese, red onion and pepper tart, whilst her lovely friend Michelle made raspberry filled fairy cakes (she has the baking patience of a saint).

Afterwards we popped down to Richmond park for a good old yomp amongst the deer. It was like a scene from a country casuals catalogue.

THEN we returned, we had chicken breasts with a parmesan and lemon crust with smoked bacon and chunky chips, washed down with about ten bottles of red wine.

OK that last meal came courtesy of an M&S dine in for £10 - but at such excellent value and after a hard day of baking/walking you've got to cut our culinary expertise some slack.

Possibly the most middle class day I've had since moving to London 18 months ago, talk about house wife material (I spent Friday night cleaning the bathroom).

Eichler x

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