Friday, 17 August 2012

Pollen Street Social Avec Fearnhurst PR

Freddie, or Fredster as I like to call her, has a rep for being the ultimate foodie, but then she is French so it makes sense (mais qui). So me and Andrews were 'tres' excited about our dine with Fearnhurst PR Freddie's new home. We went to what I had labeled, pre Michelin Star ehm, my fave new London restaurant the Pollen Street Social. So we had high hopes, sky high. Freddie being Freddie knew the chef and owner which meant me, Kate and Catherine Sheppard (aka Reynolds) were truely spoiled (magnum of champagne on the house- ok not quite but a glass each was still a nice bonus) with lots of lovely extras- bon bon!
Possibly the nicest head chef we've ever met and we heart him a lot after all the tasting samples. He gave us SOOOO much free stuff. If Catherine wasn't married we might think she'd done something she shouldn't with him on a quick trip to the ladies.
Magnum of champagne? Get over it.
Fish type pate which Kate enjoyed so much she licked her knife clean (Can't take her anywhere)
So Pork scratchings can be classy with apple sauce (not from a jar fyi)
Signature english breakfast starter- what could be better then a full English BEFORE tea?!.
Fredster with her Boeuf - just look at that foodie happiness!
My duck breast - tender and juicy...... just the way i like em.
Crab and pear starter with peanut dust
One of my faves Turbot (white fish) with a lobster brisk and a prawns head you could munch on like a cracker.
Copper pan of goats milk rice pud with a delicate mango parfait - FIT!
Pineapple sorbet palet cleanser - SO posh. They knew we were coming alright.
After 6 courses this lovely Monsieur turned up with a box of tricks... handmade strawberry and basil chocolate balls
And Macaroons- green tea, peach cream and chocolate. Thank you Fearnhurst, thank you Freddie and THANK YOU Pollen Street Social after 9 courses our palet will be forever grateful for the entertainment. Now we just need to get a loan out so we can can do a revisit.

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