Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Wheat Free Eurostar

What do you get in Paris Eurostar thats wheat free?! Fuck all it seems. I mean i KNOW we're in France... but keep up with the times Pari! If Hull Trains can do it surely so can you..?? Have you heard of a salad perhaps? its similar to a sandwich but without the bread?? I hear Sushi (a japanese dish with fish and rice) is quite big these days maybe you could look into that?? anyway this is what i had.. the inside of a sandwich and the inside of a quiche.. It tasted shit, i looked insane and i can't be 100% certain that whilst scooping out the quiche insides molecules of wheat weren't also ingested. FML
i couldn't even join in with the beer drinking... I mean what's the point? you hit 30 and it seems it's all down hill from here... Twenties i miss you already. Nellist

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