Sunday, 19 August 2012

An Epic Eichler BBQ

Mother Dear turned 58 (ssshh) this weekend, so the Eichler brood (sans Karl, bad son strike 1) made the pilgrimage back to Bucks for a BBQ, Eichler style.

Myself, Liz and nephew of dreams Oliver (he can smile now - although not so much when we put him IN the trolley) went a bit wild in Tesco, safe in the knowledge it would all get eaten by our too greedy for words family. So as well as the zillion sausages and spare ribs which came from Liz's home reared pigs (RIP Millie) we opted for: 20 burgers, 12 chicken legs, a whole salmon, 18 crusty rolls, two french sticks, corn on the cob, crisps and dip, olives and some token salad. Les also made her famous potato salad, home made coleslaw and even an apple pie.

To put this into perspective, there were 10 of us in attendance.

Someone get me an eating disorder, this is getting ridiculous.

Please note the slice of cheddar on the side of my plate, which was a tribute to Nellist as I couldn't make it to Hull for her birthday celebrations this weekend.

Anyway, we all sat round on hay bales, having a few wines and generally going gaga over the newest addition to the fold, Oliver James.

A lovely evening had by all, and true to form there were minimal leftovers.

Eichler x

P.S for anyone reading this in the Bucks area, you can buy Liz's home reared organic pork by emailing

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