Monday, 27 August 2012

Gin Glorious Gin

We hit up Winslow country fair today.

The tombola, show jumping and craft tent faded into insignificance when me and Carrie clapped eyes on the Foxdenton Estate GIN STALL.

It may have been 11.30am but the free tasters were flowing thick and fast - straight up obvs, we don't mess around with mixers in the country.

My fave was Damson gin. Like Sloe gin but some other berry. On the downside it's only about 18% alcohol, but on the upside this was the only stall which took cards - dubbed as '21st Century Feteing' by Carrie.

Not so 21st century when we hit the beer tent and I had to repeat my order three times to the Rotary club member serving us. Ever so sweet but deaf as a post.

Cheers Winslow! Eichler x

Enjoy gin responsibly.

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