Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Celebratory Spit Roast

To celebrate Jakes parents 30th wedding anniversary we decided to take part in a spit, we talking food yeah?? Me and jake don't do that kind of thing..... Much.
This involved around 80 friends and family (including a REAL LIFE olympic gold medalist) gathering at chez Willmore in Bicester (yes, before you ask, it's where The Village is) and eating our weight in pig, stuffing and apple sauce held together in a white bap. And generally having a crackling good time.

As far as I'm concerned a hog roast is the way to celebrate in STYle. It was hamazing.

To contribute to the party, me and Jake agreed to ice 90 cupcakes. It was actually really good fun. In fact, we were like pigs in shit!

Naturally we got creative, we made pink icing, marble icing, used nuts, berries, silver balls - the works. Boar off Hummingbird.

Towards the end when cliche cupcakes became dullsville we spiced things up a bit

It's amazing how much genitalia can be made from a few nuts and berries. We had a major LOLcano and the elderly rels were none the wiser whilst scoffing on cock and balls.
Everyone's a winner.

Congratulations Jeff and Anna!!

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