Saturday, 1 September 2012

Punked Up at SushiSamba

The Punk PR ladies made the very welcome trip down from Manchester for a dine out fit for royalty at SushiSamba.

With branches across the pond in New Yawk, Miami, Vegas and Chicago, not to mention it sits 38 floors up with panoramic views over the city AND it's LOOK mag standard celebrity clientele, the fash pack were beyond excited about this dine. Rach was so excited she wet herself.

The cuisine is described as a blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian, which seemed like a bit of a random mix but hey this is coming from the girl who'd put cheese on a roast dinner if she could.

I really enjoyed it when the waiter said to us he'd keep on bringing food out for us until we told him to stop. With my stomach capacity that's the kind of all you can eat attitude that would cause me to bankrupt poor Helen and see me chomping til morning. Word has it there's another restaurant upstairs which is open 24 hours a day. TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY? Now that's a USP.

Thankfully, willpower levels eventually kicked in and we had a delicious range of dishes including:

Rock shrimp tempura
Jalea (?!!)
Lamb chop
Wild mushrooms
Black cod
Steak avec hot plate and the most alpha male steak knife I have ever clapped eyes on

Followed by chocolate mouse with chilli and yuzv meringue tart. And all washed down with yummy cocktails (i recommend the samba ramble and the shiso fine) and lots of wine.

An amazing evening, delish food and even better company, AND we even got gift cards for PUNK PR's high street fashion website Thank you very much PUNK PR! I think it's high time the LOOK mag fash team made another pilgrimage to Manchester. Have you still got Mahmud's number Nellist??

Eichler xx

P.S Rachel did not actually wet herself, the waiter spilled water over her. I believe you Rach, thousands wouldn't...
P.P.S Have only just noticed the man sticking his tongue out behind Sarah and Luce. What a cheeky chappy.
P.P.S Luce and Rach stayed out til 2am. To say Rach was walking around like a zombie the next day is an understatement. Profesh.

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