Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Birthday Blog

I entered another dreaded year with the red wine hangover from hell on Monday. Luckily Jess was on hand with a birthday sausage sandwich - made with award winning sausages from Burley produce market FYI - to nurse me back to good-ish health.

I received some excellent presents - a massive bottle of Bombay Sapphire from Karl (brother) which made me feel a bit queasy given red wine hangover, and most excitingly a food blender from Liz (sister), which will take my blogging into a whole new world. Pretty much Editor in chief of this blog anyway. BBC good food is calling.

Then Les (mum) took us all out for lunch at The Coat & Badge in Putney, aka the hottest pub in the world - thankfully it was due to an air con fault, although I did begin to panic it was the onset of the hot flushes. Jess assured me I'd been to this pub for her birthday last year, although I'm still failing to remember any aspect of the night whatsoever. Again - thankfully this memory loss was booze not age induced. Anyway, myself, Les, and Karl all had burgers, Liz had a chicken and bacon sandwich and chips (must be watching her weight), and Jess had a mushroom and spinach wellington. Oliver (nephew of dreams) opted for the, er, milk.

Afterwards, we went for a stomp around Richmond Park - Les and Liz were mega jels of the sheer amount of deer. In London deer are pretty sacred, in Bucks, they're lunch. Thank god Rich (dad) didn't come or he'd of had the entire lot in the back of the BMW quicker than you can say Bambi.

When I got home, Luce and Jess had prepared a surprise spread of my favourite food - that's cheese - and prosecco. They bought me some lovely flowers, and then we sat in our pyjamas eating the birthday cake made by Les and watching four weddings and a funeral. Doesn't get more rock n roll than this gals.

THEN the next day I had a lovely spread at work and was given my very first Diptyque candle by team LOOK.

S Club 27 ain't so bad really. Still one of the youngest at work anyway, age brackets all over the shop.

Eichler x

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