Sunday, 9 September 2012

A breakfast graze with M&S

To prove that I am not in fact, an urban fashion myth, The Bean aka the blogs biggest fan (she has it bookmarked on her phone) asked me to out to brekkie at the Grazing Goat on Thursday. Not quite sure who, she thought, was borrowing copious amounts of samples from store each week but I suppose those high street catwalks do look unbelievably good.

On the food front, newly wed Kerry opted for avocado on toast, I'm a bit hungover Nat went for mushrooms on toast, and I had spicy sausage bubble and squeak with poached egg. And whilst the dining experience was excellent as always, I always like going to breakfast with M&S as it's always a good excuse to sit down and have a good old gossip. Like I need one working at britain's biggest selling fashion weekly. Grazia who?

I also learned about some exciting food based prospects at Your M&S, including melon flavoured grapes and a scotch egg with a runny egg. Yep, a runny egg. Really hope that news isn't embargoed, the daily mail will have my guts for their old lady garters. Looking forward to sampling that bad boy - the scotch egg, not the garters.

Same time next week gals?
The Real Hannah Eichler x

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