Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Surrey Sunday

I love being single and bored. I can ruin my loved up friends nesting by gatecrashing their Sunday lunches.

Last Sunday, I hit up Surrey for lunch with Jess and the man in her life Harry Windsor. I mean, Mark Mitchell. We went to The Dolphin, Mitchell's local - where it would appear he knows everyone, including the bar staff quite intimately I understand. Sorry Jess.

Mitchell ordered the burger, although failed to use a knife and fork or hands for that matter. Brought up or dragged up? #carnivorous.

I had the delicious roast beef, and Jess had roast butternut squash. Absolute let down of a roast dinner if you ask me, she's not even a vegetarian. The apple and rhubarb crumble was a bit disappointing, and Jess agreed. "I've been eating home made crumbles for 26 years, and that is not a crumble."
Mitchells cheeseboard was far more tempting however, especially with the creation of his ground breaking 'super cracker.' cheese on cheese, topped with celery and strawberries. He EVEN saved half of it for Jess. Now that's what I call love 2012.
Eichler x

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