Sunday, 16 September 2012

Le outnet avec le balcon.

So off we went to new posh joint the Balcon with the Outnet gang. Think a more sound proofed Wolseley. Apart from the many Lols (mainly surrounding who is a closeted gay and who isn't in the celeb world.... Ermmmm Ronaldo and his hot pants please stand up) we ate a tone of amazing grub.
Of note in particular was a double baked Stilton soufflé... think Eichler would have sold her mother for a another. The lip-smacking sounds she was making next to me were worse than teenagers on a cinema back row #getaroom. Also my omelette and chips was a killer combo (got to love an 80's classic). To be fair every dish including our apricot soufflé was done with a perfected flair. Kate even made out with her cappuccino...Jake you've got to start upping your game mate. Merci the Balcon, Merci beaucoup our lovely friends at the Outnet we'll be seeing you both very soon.

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