Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Woodland Hen Wonderland

So.. The Andrews is getting wed, and I was given the responsibility of organising, the London hen. So to fit in with the Woodland theme wedding I decided to throw a 'wind in the willows' themed hen.
Her favourite book? Errrrrrm well she's never read it but I'm sure she'd like it anyway. Actually scrap that if it's not written by jilly cooper she just ain't interested. #highbrow #yesshedidgetafirstatuni
The day started off at the babestation barge owned by toppers, the most eligible bachelor in London. Form a queue gals this ones a keeper.

I was badger .... Obvs, fi rabbit for teeth reasons and Kate was in a wedding dress Jill found for £20 in Newcastle. You've gotta love the north (also weirdly this isn't that dissimilar to Kate's actual dress, look away snake)
After the Lolz on the barge, and what Lolz they were, it's not often you'll see zexxxy aird in a 3/4 length short, pulled up socks and a loafer. We headed to change studios, courtesy of jonny storey where Emma Edwards, event organiser extrodinaire had decked the whole place out like a forest... It looked amaze.. So good infact Kate didn't speak for the first 20 mins and just sat in awe. Beat that Richmond posse.

We sat down to the woodland dine, take a theme and run with it that's what I say.
We were greeted with wild
Berry bellinis

And then chowed down on Wild mushrooms, oak smoked salmon, berry frangipani this meal was off da hook.

All the little animals were happy.

The bride still in awe- but impressed I catered the full menu to her tastes and not mine.. Well to be hons I'm not sure
You could forage for chicken Kiev and chips.

After this the picture taking stopped, the dancing started, the classic party trick of spinning Eichler round on the floor like a turned over tortoise began.
Kate threw her bouquet about 8 times which Aird continued to catch.... Errrrm Nate dawg she's trying to tell you something.....
Walking through hoxton to get a cab home dressed as a badger seemed normal by the end of the night... But then again there was probs a couple of east London twats dreSsed the same way.
Amazing hen... Bring on the wedding. Baton has passed, let's just hope youre party plannings as good as mine andrews.
Tune in for tales of the woodland part 2. Out November. Eeeeeeek NELLIST
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