Thursday, 6 September 2012

A food love in at Cafe Gitane, NYC

Well friends, it's been a while since certain members of the Look fashion team have blogged (ie, myself and Hannah Never-blog - well at least she lives up to her name).
So the reason behind this post came around on our recent trip to New York to shoot 5 main fashion stories.

See - we work for it sisters. Six am starts as standard I'll have you know. Never the less, it's always nicer shooting somewhere you have to get on a plane to get to and New York probably has more amazing reasonably priced places to eat than any other city on earth (bonus). Even better, we got to fly Upper Class with Virgin to get there (don't worry IPC you didn't pay for all of it), but that's a whole other story (and don't fret it doesn't involve Andrews doing something dodgy in a plane loo). Anyway we've got no pics of the journey cos we were too busy trying to look like we fly upper all the time - until we hit the bar. Yup, proper bar on a plane. Firmly puts any fear of flying in it's rightful place: at the bottom of a wine glass. Well Richard Branson you get a triple high five from us - and the moment I'm rich enough I will fly Virgin Atlantic Upper without a hesitation.

But that's not what this post is about, no sir. This post is about a little restaurant in the Jane Hotel in the Lower West called Cafe Gitane. Now, our friend Jon had spent quite a while banging on about this place and some orange and palm heart salad. Can't say that would really float my boat but for him it was love. Whatever. The place is heaven in a cafe. The rest of us fell in love too. Rarely have i seen a room with a more beautiful, slightly dilapidated, sunny disposition. And the staff were cool too. So first let me talk about the food. First up the famous orange salad:

See? There's real passion there. Next we have make up artist extraordinaire Kenneth Anne (who knew?). Don't worry he's not come over all Dallas - appaz it's pronounced Ahn. Yeah right. He went for a kind of oriental broth so gave his best face for it:

Oops sorry that's the strange fortune teller we met whilst shooting at a weird fairground upstate. Try again:

Next my aubergine three ways (involving cheese, houmous and an olive tapenade - surely dish perfection??!!).

Kate Andrews thought so anyway.
Here's her on a school trip in 1978 just for the lolz. Ok it was last week - that's topshop sunnies for you. Retro eh?

We also had with us Rudy, NY based hairstylist with the mostest who had a cous cous tower which was delish considering it's normally a form of gritty sawdust.

No Rud don't think it would fit in there all in one but you're the best judge of that.

'Fraid I failed on Andrews and Mills food pics but we did share this avocado on rye with olive oil and something else tasty. Good god, it was so incredible, if I could have smeared myself in it I would have - but that would have been a terrible waste so we ate it instead.

Rounded off with a couple of glasses of Sancerre it really was one of the most pleasant hour an a half's I've had in NYC ever. And that's saying something.

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