Sunday, 17 June 2012

Gifty's Pepper Sauce

Now we don't normally do shameless product plugging per se but these pepper sauces I bought (yes readers) yesterday are so incredibly good I thought I should share my new found knowledge #thoughtful.

So i found myself at HanwelI Carnival - its a small area west of ealing in london (practically rural). The procession consisted of one very good steel band, a few people dressed up as princesses, the local mayor who came along and shook everyone's hand (take note Boris) and the piece de resistance: the red wheelbarrows - Hanwell's very own version of the Red Arrows - people dressed in red pushing red wheelbarrows. Maj LOLz - you can imagine. It also had a fairground with some sheep you could stroke and lots of Farmer's Market type stallls which is where I found Gifty's.

To cut the crap, if you like real pepper sauce (not the gloopy sweet stuff) then this is for you. Gifty's Red Hot Pepper version is 8/10 on the Spice Up Your Life scale which is just about perfect as far as I'm concerned (after all I quite like to feel my tongue after eating though it is still HOT), whilst the Cucumber Pepper sauce was much milder but just deliciously cool, sort of spicy but not - a sensation I'd liken to finding a natural water pool half way through a hike in the Gobi desert wearing a bikini. Refreshment force ten. They're also slightly sour in a good way. A taste sensation and also utterly fat free (true!) and suitable for vegans if you're that way inclined. They make it all themselves (there are lots of other flavours too). I paid £2.50 a pot which isn't cheap but my gawd it's good stuff.


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