Sunday, 17 June 2012

Our kind of Sunday lunch

Always ones to start our own trend, (mile end Asian themed parties, taking tupperware to press days, comedy double acts and Initiating office based dares...oh the lolz)
we've said goodbye to the obvious meat and two veg, pah, and hello to high swank factor leftovers and picky bits, with not a cocktail sausage in sight. Now that Mile End has gone upmarket (it's pretty much hosting the Olympics AND we just got a branch of Subway opposite Perfect Fried Chicken) we thought its about time we followed suit.

First up rare organic roast beef with broadbean, pea and Parmesan salad. (we made this by taking it out of the doggy bag taken from 10 Greek Street on Thursday night, thanks impulse pr)

Then came garlic, tomato, basil and mozerella salad,

With a side of marinated calamari and Parma ham. We aint messin - this is high class shit.

We then made Marco's famous guacamole, see previous post for thorough Italian/English instructions, and the finale was a roasted red pepper and jersey royal fritatta which we brought out slightly too early due to greed #salmonella #weightloss #bringiton

Followed by big mug of tea and bitsa wispa. What?! We're keeping it real.

Note Andrews demonstrating the high street hottest claw, loved by the likes of 'I just dont get it' Gorrigan. What can I say the girl's a risk taker.. I wish I'd have had such creative insight.

That and stalking people we don't really know on Facebook....That's Sunday perfection right there.

Nellist and Andrews

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