Friday, 1 June 2012

My Next Breakfast Is...

I have been missing Roast lately (likewise, probs) but thankfully me and Story had a brekkie booked in with Charlotte and Grace from Next. After having pancakes at The Grazing Goat last week (see earlier post), I was well up for comparing the market with Roast's version. Now, Roast's versions were more like mini scotch pancakes as opposed to the American bad boys I'd had last week but i very much enjoyed the rhubarb jam and the 'diet' friendly yoghurt. They were dusted with icing sugar though so I needn't have worried about plummeting kcal intake.

To accompany my brekkie i had a Popeye juice - a refreshing combo of cucumber, elderflower and apple juice - defs recreating that at home.

I was only slightly jealous of Rachel's veggie brekkie and was particularly impressed with her Petro Stofberg 'pose with food' impersonation.

And the other upside was that i was full up til way past lunch (1.10pm). until of course HJH PR delivered ginger bread men to the office and Bryony had a cheese based birthday spread.

Oh, and Pinkberry sent in some salted caramel fro-yo.

That's complex carbs for ya.


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