Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pimp my ice cream

Move over Heston there's a new Mr Magika in town and he's three and a half. O is honorary member of the Look fashion dept with a penchant for superman capes, no-lens glasses and half the price one-glove only accessorising (genius).

He also seriously loves ice cream. Well who doesn't? So I challenged him to create an ice cream treat. Ingredients O chose: vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, sticks of flake, toffee sauce (seriously calorific - only noticed this after scoffing otherwise might not have encouraged him to be quite so generous with the stuff), various sprinkles including honeycomb and fudge bits, fan shaped wafers.

Yeah thumbs up, lentils for tea! Basically the process involved alternating all ingredients and eating copious amounts of ice cream while doing so.

Ta da. Ok not rocket science but just goes to show how a few extra ingreds can pep up a common or garden dish - and before anyone says anything about 5 a day, this was a treat, right? Pimp my ice cream. And what?

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