Saturday, 9 June 2012

Fireside Bistro

Aside from country walks (to country pubs) there is not much to do in Bucks. So today, me and the gals went for lunch. Upon Nic's "the food takes ages but it's amazing" recommendation, we hit up The Fireside Bistro in Buckingham. Way back when this was formerly a cafe which was rumoured to offer a jacket potato and coke (not can of) meal deal, something about a secret code word - obvs for those Bucks residents not interested in country pursuits like our innocent group. Unsurprisingly and luckily for us it got closed down and is now one of the best bistro's in town. I say the best - the other eateries consist of Villiers Hotel, a couple of italians, Dans Kebab Van (food poisoning a speciality) and Roosters kebab house where when you ask for chips and cheese the cheese isn't grated - oh no, it's processed cubes (sick but delish after numerous wines and a night of hardcore dancing in the Granary).

Anyway, Fireside bistro is great. I went for a bacon and stilton salad with a side of curly fries, miss adventurous 2012 Nic went for a prawn baguette and Char had a veggie burger. Energy levels hit an all time high when Char asked for curly fries on top of the chips her burger came with. #carboholic. We went for varying colours of wine, me white, Char red and Nic rose. We thought we were being multicultural but the waitresses must have just thought we were being difficult. Simply.not.true.

Only downside were the toilets which you had to walk up the stairs, past the kitchen and the broom cupboard to. Kind of felt i was in someones house.

All in all highly recommended, and the wait wasn't even long at all - Nic aka Mertle just loves a moan.

More Bucks based posts to come, folks. Eichler x

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