Friday, 15 June 2012

A Right Royal Picnic

So Lizzie invited us round for a garden party yeah (that's HRH to you) and what a lovely spread it was!

That's right folks, jubilee weekend called for a British feast in St James Park for the mile end massives (and Jonesy, Hendo and Turtle). There were only a select few invited so we were very lucky.

Check out the spread...

We pulled out all the stops too. Smoked salmon, mini baby bel, coronation chicken and even iced buns. Ain't no expense spared at this feast

Jodie got well into it. Everyone in the park was well jel of that flag.

Jake ignored my non complex carbs ban and tucked into the pork pies (his hips will pay for it later... Just sayin)

Mills even donned a cricket jumper. When in Rome, or er, England.

I kept Jones' coronation chicken where it belonged. On my lap.

Jonesy baked celebratory cupcakes with patriotic decoration. Dedication to the cause right there.

Even Adi "this is gonna be shit" Currie was loving it

Hendo even strayed from his self imposed Buddhist Marxist rule of "only eating meat on Sundays and for leftovers" with ham. He wouldn't let us lay slices over his head for photo reasons though - loser.

And to round off our lovely day Lizzie treated us to an exclusive show by the Red Arrows. She's a doll. Actually come to think of it we must send her a thankyou card.....

Britain Rulez Ok?!

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