Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ibiza Rocks

SO with big thanks to the River Island massive, (special shout out to Arieta queen of the catwalk Mujay and Melissa strictest person on a shoot ever Collins,) we headed to the white isle for sun, sea, sangria and errr.. pacha.
thats right turns out the rulers of the high street have teamed up with the king of clubland to create a cherry-tastic range.. which lucky for us meant there was a fine excuse to hop aboard club class ( thats right folks, Andrews aint the only one that flys in style.) and jet to Ibiza.

So after a Pacha 8 am bedtime the night before, you know who you are.... lynne McKenna, Dinah Turner, where they'd been partying with the likes of colleen Rooney, (yes she actually left Liverpool) and James Blunt, (turns out he's not as squeaky clean as he looks) there were more than a few sore heads the next day. Unfortunately myself #slavetofashion had to work that night but we more than made up for it the next night when we went KERAZY and me and Jon fell asleep at a spanish bar/wedding. Mark Mills (resident blog photographer) had to ship the casualties home at 5 am, rock and roll.
Jon 'i'm hardcore' Gorrigan showed his manly-ness the next day as we hit the spa for lunch.

Anyway enough about that and onto the food... at first we were given some healthy bird type food

however if you refer back to previous pics, this was hardly the food to nurse our hangovers, so we went for the most delish burgers known to man (after burger and lobster that is), and Veggie Jon (for this read lesser person) had a greek salad.

Palette cleansed by a raspberry and vanilla sorbet, well that was until arieta mentioned a news article about a person eating another mans brains/face at which point iron gut gorrigan had to go for round 2.

All in all an amazing dine but an even more amazing trip, thanks River island, thanks Ibiza and thanks James Blunt,

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