Saturday, 16 June 2012

Canteen with Mint Velvet

Nope we're not talking the blue sky cafe (which is cool, contrary to the belief of some monthly titles). Myself and Maxine, who I noted has the best food based surname ever (eggenberger - geddit??) hit up Canteen at royal festival hall with Ashleigh from Mint Velvet. In my streak of trying new breakfast options, i opted for bubble and squeak pattie with poached eggs and crispy bacon. What I enjoyed, other than the taste obvs, which was exemplary, that this dish is so well rounded, and this is why.

1. It's basically the breakfast version of meat and two veg (and egg)
2. It has all integral food groups covered - carbs, protein, and fibre
3. It uses a range of cooking methods - poached, boiled, fried, grilled.

Whoever invented this dish is a genius.


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