Sunday, 17 June 2012

10 greek st feast (no dishes were broken)

So we headed to the new Soho (queue for food) joint 10 Greek st. Luckily for us the wonderful impulse ladies thought ahead and booked us into the private dinning room. It did mean we all had to have the same thing, queue fuss pots Jodie and Kate having their own menus due to the rest of us loving a meat heavy feast. So we had v. Rare beef, or veggie burrata and asparagus (yummiest starter ever). Roast belly of pork with a mountain of potatoes and spring greens. A excellent cheese board and a chocolate torte that was so rich the only way to eat it was with ... Cream obvs. Although we ate our body weight there was still tones left over (even after Gemma and Hannah's women vs food challenge- Gemma won by eating 2 portions of chocolate torte, not easy). So Jodie stepped up to take the left overs to her new MC crew, you see they never get treated to posh nosh like us so we wanted to share the love and that's just how we roll.

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