Monday, 25 June 2012

An Impromptu Italian (or two)

My dearest friend Carina came to the big smoke today for the first time in about ten years since we went to the worst university in the world (UEL) together. After searching for what seemed like years for a yellow dress and Carina near on breaking down in River Island we met her lovely sister Lucia (Jodie's new MC buddy) and Sam Pert (that's his name, don't wear it out) for a spot of dinner. Me and Sam shared an italian platter (swore we were in french restaurant- how'd you pronounce it again Louie?), Lucia had the frittata and Carina had the cheese board - I knew there was a reason we became such close friends. We had a delightful view of Liberty (Sam's head excluded) and then we finished the evening with a spot of ivory tinkling on Carnaby streets piano. Unfortunately Sam knew no songs from Annie the musical but it was charming all the same. Best Monday night in a while, I'll say. Tomorrow is only a day away.

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