Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Proper British Braai

So after I discovered certain readers felt my blog posts were inaccessible (Mark Mills you know who you are!) I have been reticent to post (it means put off Mark...by you!) I finally felt the blog had suffered long enough without me. But I also decided to make this post a homemade braai number to prove my roots weren't lost. So we had a saffer BBQ to celebrate what I hope isn't the last of summer.
We had expertly spiced chicken, giggly pig ribs, sausages (no boere wors the saffer shop was out, so we went for pork numbers #terriblesubstitute). For sides I whipped up a mothership tomato and mozzarella salad, fennel and rocket salad, French/ Jewish potato salad and farmers market fresh grilled asparagus.
It was a effing triumph, excuse the language, but it would have made any South African braaier proud. And for pud home made ruhbarb crumble with home grown rhubarb. And a whole post to come on that. So stick that in your pipe Mark Mills.
Over and out Stoffers.

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