Monday, 14 May 2012

Fancy A Dip?

As you know, the Look fash team love a spread so when the lovely Helen from The Dip Society asked us if we'd like to try their range of delicious dips we bit her hand off.

Like us, Helen is a stylist as well as food expert so we knew we were onto a winner before the beauties even reached the Bluefin. And she goes to prove, fashion types do eat (take note rival glossies).

With chickpea and chilli, sweet-beet, smoked mackerel and wasapea (gettit?!) we were spoiled for choice but like any other (read lesser) food bloggers we obviously had to try each dip several times over before being able to come to an accurate conclusion on our thoughts.

Well, what can we say. The dips are bloody delicious that's what.

Fresh ingredients, bit of a kick, the right kind of thick consistency that is lacked by it's supermarket counterparts - the dips were given an all round high five. Hey, there's a reason why Selfridges stock these bad boys..... Nope, you won't find these in your average Spar fridge aisle.

Admittedly the smoked mackerel one takes a bit of getting used to but hey the Selfridges foodhall shopper has a sophisticated palette and so do we.

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