Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cusco last breakie

Sorry for the lack of blog posts but we've been busy. Peru-sing the streets of Cusco is a job in itself.

So me and downie rose at 430am in our chic hotel

To start our first day on the Machu Picchu trek. We were greeted with this fine spread.
BTW puffas are massive next season- we might Not be wearing Peter Pilottos but whatevs.

Now it's no veggie breakie at Roast but in times of trekking (I'm an ardent trekker don't you know- kiliman-what?) things you normally wouldn't touch in England become somewhat tasty.

Personally I was a big fan of this pink liquid, was it youghurt? Not sure. Was it strawberry milk? I have no idea. but it was better than their sorry excuse for a sugar puff that nearly removed one of my molars.

See you in the other side...

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