Saturday, 12 May 2012

Toast Marathon: Avacado on Toast

I'm going through a toast for breakfast streak at the moment. Yesterday i had FOUR slices, two with jam at home and two with crunchy peanut butter an hour and a half later in the office. Didn't have a hangover either, quelle surprise since it had been the Nellists MC departure drinks - at which i spent a large amount of time discussing with Mark Mills (blog photographer - actual name, Mike) my plans to be obese. for a journalist i really can talk some crap.
Anyway, this morning I opted for avacado and tomato on toast. You can't see it very well, but I ASSURE you butter is present. Housemate suggested i "put a cheeky poached egg on top a la dean street townhouse." #wishidthoughtofthat. At least it gives me an excuse to have toast again tomorrow. Like i needed one.



  1. Okay, as a toast AND an avocado addict, I need to know - is it literally just buttered toast and chopped up avocado and tomato? With seasoning? I need more interesting breakfasts! x

  2. Hi Lisa! Yep - butter your toast (seeded granary is delish), chop up avocado, add tomato, salt and pepper! It's yummy!if you have any recipe suggestions email us at x

  3. Sorry, just had avocado for tea (with refried beans and haloumi and er...barbecue sauce in a wrap) and remembered I never checked back here for the answer! Amazing, thanks, I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow! x