Monday, 7 May 2012

S&M with wild garlic gravy

The month of May means one thing for non-blog. An annual camping (yes I did say camping!) trip to the Isle of Glam- ahem Man. Now any normal family would take note of this artic weather and stay indoors, but the Quirks (quirky by name quirky by nature) decided we must soldier on. So me, my sister, her fella & 2 kids, oh and the newest addition of the Kardashian family – Rosie #tooposhtocamp set up tent. Turns out the days were pretty sunny, but those sub-zero nights meant we had more layers than an 80’s Viennetta (soz felt the need to get a food ref in!) 7 layers + 2 sleeping bags= finally warm enough to sleep.
Anyway turns out as well as annual camping month, May is also wild garlic season in the IOM (just call me Hughsie fernly whatshisname) and being LOOK’s finest eco warrior (who once angrily emailed a PR about the amount of wasteful packing in a press release) I decided we must incorporate this garlicy delight into our dinner. Oh god the Eco Warrior’s morphed into a Forager- watch out Blue Fin bins! So here it is… That old camping fave- Sausage and mash with red onion and drum roll…wild garlic gravy (scuse the snot green plate- can’t be using posh china for camping) Eat your heart out Hugh. In your face Bear Grylls. There’s a new forager in town!

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  1. This post is hilarious! Love the trowing up on the bug thing.