Tuesday, 29 May 2012

An Italian Birthday Feast

To to celebrate the soon to be Father in Laws 60th we decided to upon a modest affair involving 17 of us spending a week in Italy.

Birthday celebrations lasted 3 days (milking it much?) and were kick started with a 5 course meal in a posh Tuscan restaurant.

Unfortunately surprise guests (members of the women's Olympic rowing team) were unable to make due to other 'commitments'. Pathetic.

Anyway we didn't need em and the meal commenced with canap├ęs and prosecco, two of my favourite things. Sorry no pics - I was over excited.

Now time for the food. We started with a selection of antipasti that just kept on coming.....

Parma hams, sausage meat wrapped in leaves, mini fritattas and other things that tasted good but not entirely sure what they were.

Oh and of course fresh bread in case you thought you might go hungry.

So after the first two courses I was full already and the prosecco was slipping down nicely but who could resist the next course of pesto pancakes?! Not me

Next up suckling pig and chestnuts. Pic taken halfway through due to being pretty pissed by this stage

Major LOLZ at the dinner table

We finished up with Mille Feuille and just when the day couldn't have been improved (except possibly by rowers and/or chickens) Jake and Adam convinced their Grandma to do Moonface.

Good time had by all. Happy birthday Jeffer!
Andrews x

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