Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gone Fishing.

So on the morning before we flew back to miserable, rainy england, we decided to do what everyone on a fashion trip does..... go fishing.
Now believe it or not i LOVE fishing but only the successful type, obvs. Deep-sea fishing with no success is positively snoozey (ask fi, we went fishing for 3 hours in Thailand, gave up after 20 minutes and decided we had a better chance of catching a tan)
So when I heard this would be on a long boat (of which my past success rate is much higher) I managed to round up the troops.. ok, so it was just Mike Mills and hit the sea.. lake.. stream.. whatever it was (fishing good, geography not so good)
It started off with a small tour of the local fishing village where we were actually walking into peoples houses, Mike didn't feel comfortable with this, me on the other hand being Señora Beaky from Noseytown loved it.

We then donned our lifejackets, much to mine and Mike's embarrassment, we might have well worn a flashing light with a sandwich board saying 'we're idiots' But on the plus side at least i looked fit, and my chin didn't look too big.

First we went through the water coconuts in a round boat used by the Viet Cong in some war?

Learnt how to make weird things out of leaves.. now that'll come in handy back in London

Then we got to go on a local fisherman's boat and see what we could catch... the less said about this the better.
The big oaf Mike Mills got a bit carried away with picture taking and ended up standing on the whole fisherman's catch making an instant kind of fish stew... well that was a waste of a full days work for a poor, homeless fisherman, but no worries Mike, i'm sure it happens aaaallll the time.

me and my mate.

and my catch.. woo hoo, thats going to make a nice lunch!

learning to throw the net, i think i was a natural.

and then Mike had to work this weird archaic looking contraption, that looked a little like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This brought a massive net out the sea and an unrivalled beam to Mike Mills' face.

After a hard days slog where between us we caught 2 tiddlers, we got back on the boat to be greeted with a fisherman's lunch, gyod I didn't know the vietnamese fisherman had it so easy?!

Squid stuffed with pork... Again!

Seafood spring rolls

Catfish in a tomato sauce

Some weird fried things

The chef.. I actually thought he was pretty hot.

And there you have it... A hard day at sea.
Then back to the hotel to rest out weary fishermen's heads before the flight home. Xin chào Vietnam, what a plaice, It's been swell.

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