Friday, 4 May 2012

Fattening up in Florence.

Greetings from Frienze (Florence in Having a bank hol break with the fam in Italy, my gluttonous haven. Last night we went to Cebro for a traditional Florentine feast. I had the most delicious ricotta and Swiss chard flan ( although it resemble a piece of moss it was a taste sensation). Then veal with a tomato based sauce room temp, weird but hey no need for reheating, hands down the best baby cow i've ever had! (I was veggie for 8 years I need this, ok) Also on the table pigeon, veal stew, meatballs, oxtail and bone shaped bread. We polished it all off with a table of desserts, 2 each(no pics as we were like vultures on a fresh carcass). Had to go to the Outlet's today to buy elasticated pants.

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