Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Narrow Escape

So after whinging that the turtle never takes me anywhere, he tells me he's booked me a meal at Gordon Ramseys 'the narrow' in limehouse.

Now my first thought wasnt, 'oh how lovely a nice meal by the river' but instead 'F**K!

The conversation went as follow:
Him: I've booked us into the narrow for dinner at 7, ok with you?
Me: lovely sweets but I'm barred from there.
Him: barred?! What for.
Me: Fighting, but I'm sure they won't remember.

So I cautiously headed down to limehouse, hoping they wouldn't remember the last time I was here, when 10 of us were thrown out by 7pm.

Luckily for me they didn't seem to notice but probably were too busy spitting in our food after Adis continuous complaints anyway.

Our drinks were late

Table was shit and we weren't allowed to move even though the restaurant was empty.

And my request for adding toms into my green salad where responded with 'we have no tomatoes in the kitchen.' Adi went an almost beetroot colour in anger

At least they had his favourite thing on the menu to soften the blow.

Due to the semi hangover from the Epic leaving drinks... And much to adis annoyance I wanted to order a bit of everything
Mini sausages
Mac and cheese
Mixed salad - sans tomato

Tasty but all in all a below average dine out...

Come on Gordon pick it up... I bet Gregg Wallace wouldn't let his standards slip like this #swoon #thefuturemrswallace #adiwho?

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