Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Machu Picchu chow down

Now on the start of the trek, me and Downs were more than a bit concerned about the camping menu.
She's a Wheato.
I only ate marmite and cheese til I was about 21.
However we must say we were pleasantly surprised, Florentino the resident chef, who I actually thought was fit #onlyinperu whipped us up delightful dishes that not only catered for Downies intolerances #stillthinkshesfakingit but also manged to fulfil my fussy demands.

Just chilling in the mess tent, apologies for the state of me and downie, turns out they'd not heard of touché éclat in the andees or straighteners for that matter. WTF. Imagine mygdals fro, that's worth the trek alone.
Mario, his son (yes we know they look the same age, turns out people age differently here) and hot stuff 'You can warm up my tent anytime' Florentino cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Day 1- avocado, tomato and Andean cheese salad.. Best dish by far.

Asparagus soup.. Think it was out of a tin but whatevs

Garlic bread.. Totes delish, waaaayyy better than pizza express

Think it started to go a little downhill from here (get the gag) but we still ate it. Mash potato with rice with some red stuff, carb on carb but whatevs if you can't do the double when trekking when da f**k can you?!

The mess tent at lunch, to be Hons this was an all time low and when we got offered the chance of a siesta in a wind tunnel as if it was a Chanel discount card.. The tears almost began to flow

Downies luxurious siesta.. I'm not
Sure this is what is what the spaniards had in mind

Day 2- afternoon tea, Now I know sketch is supposed to be good, but after 5 hours trekking I'm
Not sure there is much better than salted popcorn, hot choc and digestives #marrymeflorentino #istillloveyou

Vegetable soup #vomvom

Pasta, chips, potatos and chicken. Gotta love them carbs

Fire time- in an attempt to be warm, we suggested a fire, we went all Bear Grylls but smelt like smoked haddock and the warmth omitted was about zero, but hey at least we looked fit

That hair conditioning would put Aussie to shame
Day 3- final breakie before the trek

Ham and chive omelette and banana bread
Downs Wheato version of omelette and sweet potato

Oh and then we saw this thing.. I mean I'm sure Mile End skate park is of similar interest but thought I should post anyway

Everest- get ready, here we come.

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