Thursday, 24 May 2012

This isn't just any breakfast...

New fave breakfast joint alert! The lovely Kerry Porter from M&S took me to the Grazing Goat for brekkie today, and because it was sunny (and all in the name of research) i went all Americana with pancakes. Served with blueberries, vanilla chantilly cream and maple syrup, with an orange, carrot and ginger juice, and obligatory flat white, (well i do work in fashwan), this brekkie was heaven - and with a bit of artistic licence its kcal count is almost angelic compared to my usual eggs beni. Get me to NYC quite frankly, i'd fit in better than a catwalk copy feature in look magazine.

Thankyou M&S, thankyou Grazing Goat. X

N.B as a result of this post, if any USA based restaurants would like to be featured on this blog i would be happy to oblige a review. All i ask is for first class/business flights, 5 star accommodation, free food and some spending money.

Yours Sincerely, Eichler

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