Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Dean Street Delights With Eskimo PR

I have been craving Dean Street Townhouse's avocado on toast ever since creating it in my own kitchen last weekend (see earlier post), so I was overjoyed when Steph and Amanda of Eskimo PR invited me to said PR/Journo haunt on Tuesday. I needed no time to scan the menu, and opted for the aforementioned avocado on toast. This bad boy came with the most perfect poached egg i have ever clapped eyes on (cue egg poaching methods discussion) and a decorative and refreshing slice of lemon. Now, as a lover of a side portion, and for pure research purposes i requested a veggie sausage as an extra. A bomb hit Dean St when the waitress informed me they don't do them (Roast can heave a sigh of relief), so i was forced to order a regular meat one instead. Not entirely sure how well it went with avocado on toast but Greg Wallace didn't get to masterchef fame by staying menu safe, did he. Down the hatch it went along with a yummy ginger and orange juice and a (skinny) flat white. One MINOR pointer though DSTH - get this dish out fast, the avocado has a tendency to make the egg go cold, fine if you like to woolf it down, not so if you're a ladylike diner and like to take ones time. On the whole absolutely de-lish, perfect company and certainly set me up for a day of appointments in the rain. Eichler hearts Eskimo.

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