Sunday, 6 May 2012

Fruit-filled frolicks

Right, so... As many of you know, my old man is like a northern mark fowler.
The fruiterers of the north, that's what they call us ........ok so I made that up, but whatevs.
I decided to make the fam recreate the Vietnamese dishes I'd learnt in Vietnam so we hit world-renowned (ok, ok, I may be exaggerating again)Nellist & CO to pick up some local produce.
Oh and the LOLZ me and senior bro had. If there's anyone who could surpass me in immaturity levels it's my older brother.
The No.1 fruiterers worldwide:
Nellist &Co

Where's wally?

Squash... Jamie's gag, not mine

There ain't mush-room in here!



Running da joint

And finally the 'guess the size
Of my head' game

Free-styling it in the prep room

The number one fruiterers in the uk.. No sour grapes here, we're top banana. Please see below for our reference.
Available for christenings, weddings and bar mitzvah's

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