Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Maize Snacks

Not to be confused with Maze of Gordon Ramsey fame - after a day of hard graft including a whole High Street Hottest shoot as well as getting filmed for national TV (what of it?!) me and my crew were in need of light refreshment in the form of maize snacks.

We hit the Red Lion roof gardens. No not 'a poor mans Shoreditch House' before you say owt, but a fine establishment that specialises in plastic cups and gourmet foods.

We opted for fiery hot Monster Munch salt and vinegar Pringles.

What? We were keeping it real.

Spicy foods weren't the best after I'd drank the pub dry of bloody Mary's (who the f has more than one?!) but who's complaining when they come with a stick of celery? That's posh for ya. Plus, as any fashion journo knows, you burn more kcals munching em than you do consuming them so by the time I'd necked a few of those and climbed those bastard Red Lion stairs I left 3 stones lighter. Talk about rexorama.

Who needs Shoreditch House?
Or models for that matter?

Big up the London sun
Andrews x

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